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Sarai. 22. Mexican. Friendly. Straight. Christian. Studying Graphic Design. Sherlockian. Whovian. Loves Boys. Art. Music. Fashion. Films. Books. Photography. Design. Vampires. Manga. Old Fashioned Style. Rococo Era. Neoclassicism. Romanticism. Victorian Era. 40's. 50's. 60's. 70's. 80's. 90's. England. Bunnies. Cartoons. Shopping. Chocolate. Tea...

Basically, I'm telling you all my life.

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"We have to celebrate all that women have achieved in such a short period of time. This is the most exciting time to be dressing a woman. Never before has a woman been so in control of her destiny. My inspiration is always the anonymous woman on the street, the woman with a busy, full life. I think about her needs and what she will want to wear. My role as a designer has always been to design clothes that address a woman’s life and make her feel beautiful - that is what continues to inspire me creatively…”

Oscar de la Renta, in an undated interview with Vivian Chen

Designer Oscar de la Renta (1932-2014), working with American débutante Beatrice Lodge, c. 1956.


Depeche Mode: Stripped (UK 1986)


It is time to post this again

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I had just come from an early morning Soul Cycle class and had forgotten to eat breakfast. So when I got to the office it hit me: I was really, really, really, super, super, duper hungs. Hungs? As in like famished. I was legit about to pour myself a bowl of banana peppers when I spotted it.