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Sarai. 22. Mexican. Friendly. Straight. Christian. Studying Graphic Design. Sherlockian. Whovian. Loves Boys. Art. Music. Fashion. Films. Books. Photography. Design. Vampires. Manga. Old Fashioned Style. Rococo Era. Neoclassicism. Romanticism. Victorian Era. 40's. 50's. 60's. 70's. 80's. 90's. England. Bunnies. Cartoons. Shopping. Chocolate. Tea...

Basically, I'm telling you all my life.

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From Smash Hits- The 80s book

What about knowing Ian and Patrick are gonna be in the movie alongside you? +


                                    The Lovely Bauhaus Lads pose for the camera.

                                     Peter gives Danny “The Look” and all Danny

                                     gives Peter is a Pretty Pout!